With me

your intimate life becomes a fairy tale.

There is so much to learn, experience and enjoy. Here you empower your explorations in the magical realms of your desires.


Seeing how to start or continue on your erotic adventure can be difficult. I help you with the lay of the land.


Taking brave steps into self exploration and self expression ask a lot. I am the wholesome companion on your road.


Knowing how to safer navigate the waters of your desires is priceless. With me you find safer environments to explore and know how to build your own experiences.


We all need our own forest full of magical & fun creatures to play with and support us. I can support you in building your own forest. I also love to invite you to many of my enchanting events.

My goal is to deepen the erotic and intimate experiences of individuals, couples and constellations.

Many people get bugged with the nagging question:

Is this all my intimate life can be?

In time you will find Sexuality, Kink & Intimacy can actually be so much more. In this freedom you will find that the Joy of Exploration becomes a lifetime companion with Desire as a trusted guide. 

Juicy Offers

you'll love!

Online Coaching

Online Coaching allows you to learn from everywhere at an accessible price. Need someone to follow up and support you in bringing your Erotic, Intimate & Kinky Dreams to life? This is the offer for you!

Individual & Group Learning

I love to guide individuals and groups towards more powerful expressions of their Erotic, Intimate and Kinky lives. This can be with practical skills (e.g. Shibari, Impact play, neo-Tantric Massage,...), soft skills (e.g. BDSM-dynamics, Communication, Embodied Boundaries,...) and theory. Getting to learn and put to practice skills with an attentive teacher, is a sure way to take it to the next level.

Intimate Initiations

Intimate Initiations are about welcoming new intimate practices in your life by experiencing them. As a trained Shadow Tantrika I love to initiate playful and light practices as well as hold deep and intense initiations. Boundaries & intentions are clearly defined before the initiation.

Couple & Group Facilitation

Having someone present to support and expand erotic, intimate and kinky moments allows for deeper experiences. As a couple it is beautiful and powerful to be witnessed and supported in building new experiences together. As a polyamourous constellation, group of people that wants to explore together,... having the right person there allows to surrender to what wants to be experienced in that moment.

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