Belgium meets the World of Embodied Eros & Conscious Kink

Belgium is still somewhat invisible in the international world of Embodied Eros & Conscious Kink. I support facilitators and practitioners locally, and organise for internationally renowned facilitators and practitioners to bring their magic here.

Stories of Community Abundance

In some sectors or professions it is common to be hostile or competitive to other people doing similar work. For me that seems to indicate a fear of scarcity. I see that there is so much work to do in the World of Intimacy and so many unique gifts are needed. I am grateful for all the beautiful humans working in this field who are sharing their knowledge & gifts while lifting each other up. 


Some of the past and present collaborations are shown here. These are all people and organisations working to change the landscape of Intimacy, Sexuality and/or Kink in their own empowered way. Be sure to check them out!


What are you currently colaborating on?

A lot of juicyness is being created. Some topics are Shadow Tantra, Body Love, Queer Play Spaces, Sensual Play Parties, Ethical Dominance & Power Submission, Tantric Consort Initiations, Gender Exploration,...

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How are you about requests for workshops?

I love to hear about needs currently present. I actively follow current societal developments and respond by personal offers, projects & collaborations. You are helping me a lot by communicating about your needs or needs you witness!

Can you help me with needs outside your Offers?

I am connected with many trusted practitioners doing amazing work. I am happy to point you in the direction of the right people. Just send me a message.

How do i go about proposing a collaboration?

I love to hear from you! Please use the contact form and I get back to you as quickly as possible.