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Intimacy Pro Photoshoot

18 februari @ 11:00 - 18:00


The Intimacy Pro Photoshoot is an event for intimacy professionals that want to improve their visual identity. Here Intimacy professionals can get their own beautiful & expressive pictures to use for their communication. The pictures are taken by an experienced intimacy photographer.


Do you crave a safer space to channel your inner diva and have it captured on film?

To have a collection of expressive pictures showing what your work is about?

To explore artistic ways of creating intimate pictures?

To have support and willing participants for your expressive scenes?

To be inspired by joining in scenes for other allies’ professional pictures?

To feel the cooperation between people active in this beautiful industry?


This place is just that!



11.00: Vegetarian brunch 

12.00: Opening circle, connection and consent exercises.

13.00: One on one play (good for one on one offers)

13.45: Group play (groups of three with pictures being taken)

14.30: Break with wish-board (write what extra roles you would need to set up a scene)

15.00: Start individual photoshoots (your inner diva exposed)

16.00: Start scenes (set up a scene you want to have captured, make use of other humans present)

17.00: Closing circle and hangout

18.00: end event



The photographer will be present and taking pictures throughout the whole event. Joining this event means you are comfortable with your image being used by other intimacy professionals as well. The bulk of pictures gets a first technical screening and pre-processing by the photographer. The remaining pictures are shared with the group to preview online. Each individual can select the picture they like most and ask to have the pictures with them they don’t like to be removed. The selected pictures get their final processing and are delivered. 


Prepare the workshop by working out in advance the kind of scenes you want to be put on film, and the roles you might need others to play for you. E.g. you want a scene with yourself as a rigger and you need a model in your ropes. For that cozy cuddle puddle you might want an appropriate amount of humans. If you are working with specific clients, you might want pictures with humans representing them,… There are willing humans at your disposal, make use of them! Of course always keeping consent in mind. 


  • A nice amount of professional digital pictures of yourself, individual and in scenes of your choice. The full process of finalizing the pictures will take a month at most.
  • a Play Space, Changing Area, Kitchen Hang Out, Chill area, Outside Area
  • A nutritious and healthy vegetarian buffet
  • Two attentive & embodied spaceholders, helping everything flow into one juicy experience



Intimacy Pro Full


  • Brunch
  • Full day program
  • Large database with intimate group pictures
  • Personal Pictures with Simon
  • Intimacy Brand Orientation with Noémie (10 min)


One of the Power Pic Packages from Noémie can be bought additionally. There is time after the break for the creative process.


We offer you this day, at the price of € 195. 

Early bird tickets at € 175 only!


You should be aware that you might be visible in pictures of other professionals and that the pictures will be used on the internet by different people. Do not attend this workshop if you are not ‘out and about’ yet about your intimate profession. 

Intimacy Pro Personal

This ticket is for people who don’t want to appear in the group pictures and instead just want to have one of the Power Pic Packages. People with this ticket don’t participate in the program. After enjoying a nice brunch with everyone, they go into a seperate space with Noémie where they can start the creative process on one of the additionally bought Power Packages. After the time with Noémie, this group leaves the venue.


  • Brunch
  • Intimacy Brand Orientation with Noémie (10 min)
  • 2.5 hours time at the venue


One of the Power Pic Packages needs to be bought additionally with this ticket to have pictures. 


We offer you this day, at the price of € 105. 

Early bird tickets at € 95 only!



Secure your spot: subscribe here!



Until the 18th of januari: Full refund

From 18/1-5/2: Refund min. 45 euro handling fee

From 5/2: No more refund possible, you can pass on tickets to people if they get approved by the team. It is the responsibility of the participant to find a suitable replacement.

Power Pic Packages

With the Power Pic Packages, Noémie opens up a creative process to find the right visual representation of your intimacy brand. Packages booked and paid before the event receive a 10% discount. Upgrades to a bought package during the event receive the same discount.

Package 1 – Full pro – €650

  • 10 Power Pics + 30 sec. Teaser
  • LOGO
  • 250 business cards

Package 2 – Regular – €450

  • 10 Power Pics + 30 sec. Teaser

Package 3 – Basic – €250

  • 6 Power Pics + 15 sec. Teaser

Package 4 – small – €180

  • 5 Power Pics

When not being able to join the event, prebooked packages can be planned in with Noémie. In that case the transport costs and venue costs are for the participant.


Secure your spot: subscribe here!


After being approved, you are expected to transfer the required amount within 7 days. This is equally for us to save your spot and/or to remain eligible for the early bird rate. 




Be a part of the changing world of intimacy thriving in Belgium!


Photographer: Simon Vandendyck


Simon Vandendyck is an agender person born in the last days of 1979. Next to being a web developer, they are podcast audio producer and photographer.


They specialize in portrait, boudoir and event photography. Capturing people in their authentic and intimate self is what makes them come alive. Projects have been diverse and have included events by BDSM & sexpositive communities, expressive personal pictures and couples & groups exploring intimacy.


At this point they are creatively expanding into video and film. Their first short film is expected to be released in 2024.


Check out some of their work at:


Photographer Noémie

Noémie is a intimacy professional & entrepeneur. She moved from being self employed, to building an intimacy business supporting other self employed professionals. Now she focusses with Provocachic Studios on making intimacy professionals and their businesses have an authentic and empowered visual identity. By amplifying their unique stories and she helps create a brighter future for the intimacy sector through the lens of visual arts.


Check out some of their work at:


Please contact Æris at


18 februari
11:00 - 18:00


Æris Grace
Simon Vandendyck


Private Venue
Brussels, Belgium + Google Maps