Bringing the fairy into the tale

meet Æris Grace!

As a Queer & Neurodivergent Person, it is challenging to feel safe and seen. I had to unlearn what I had been taught about myself, my sexuality, how relationships are supposed to work and what ‘normal’ erotic expressions are. Putting in this work opened the door to experience ever deepening intimacy in relationships and groups. 

I see the huge needs present in our society to have the spaces to learn, experience and expand as the gloriously diverse and juicy beings we are. After having been taught the story of Love=Sex=Pain, I am passionate to show that our intimate, erotic and kinky stories can instead be a Fairy Tale.

Every tale needs a setting

My approach to Intimacy Work

In a lot of places we get the message that what makes us unique is bothersome or something to be tolerated at most. In my view, what makes you you is what empowers our one on one and group dynamics. This is equally true for the bedroom, dungeon, workplace and family life.

In my work I combine Sensuality, Embodiment, Eros, Energy Work & Kink with insight in Contemporary Relationships, Queer Theories and Neurodiversity. All of you is welcome and the basis for an empowered and expansive experience.


The human experience is diverse. Embracing, holding space and empowering the different elements of what make you you is key!

Deep & Intense

Most people get blown away when they are first being seen in all their glory. When you are also feeling loved, even while in more vulnerable states, it hits home deep.


Intimacy and eroticism is a way that we co-create feelings of  abundance as humans. My work is to make you experience this abundance.

Latest Trainings

Shadow Tantra - Practitioners Training (2021)

I first completed the courses Getting Conscious with Kink, Level up - How to be a better lover for Women, and Level up - Pro. The Shadow Tantra - Practitioners Training is the last training I did in this series by the School of Erotic Mysteries.

Shadow Tantra is about combining conscious sexuality practices with mindfulness, Conscious Kink, neotantra, ritual and BDSM. The practitioners training focuses on putting all these things together for the purpose of taking clients on powerful journeys into exploring, understanding and reclaiming their erotic shadows.

By School of Erotic Mysteries

Motivational Speaking (2021)

People already have the answers to most of their challenges inside them. Knowing how to hold space for these answers to come out is priceless.


Senior Coaching (2022-...)

One of the current themes I am passionate about is Intergenerational Intimacy. This course is helping me integrate possibilities for supporting our elders.

by Centrum voor avondonderwijs

Tantra Massage Training (2023)

This unique healing modality combines massage, healing, shamanism, tantra and orgasmic yoga into a blend that can raise energy and enable clients to increase duration and benefit of orgasm.

By Kira SWAN

Taking these trainings allows me to be the best version of myself while doing this work. If you love my work and want to support me, know that you can contribute towards my next training. For that you can click here and choose the amount that resonates.  


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