I'll help you 

live an Intimate Fairy Tale! 

You want to learn how to empower your Erotic & Kinky Life. Or do you just want to experience your desires without the drama dating can bring. With me as a trained practitioner, it's all about receiving what you need. Without troublesome complexity, with Authenticity & Depth!

Intimacy unlocked!

Most people have blocks limiting their intimate experiences. This can be because of how we are raised, relationships where we build up walls, past experiences,...

Often people rationally see why it is difficult to go for deep and intense intimacy, to follow desire, to invite in pleasure and to just receive. Getting your body to actually relax and allow for a different experience, are big processes that happen in relationship with other people.

A safer space to reshape your relationship with yourself, your body and other humans can be found here.

During These Sessions You'll 

In short, get a lot of magic!

  • Develop communication & a feeling of safety in relationships.
  • Experience kinky best practices. 
  • Get to open up with a caring and nurturing human. 
  • Be met where you are Erotically, Emotionally, Physically & Energetically.
  • Have a safer space to explore new Desires and Skills & put them to practice.

Who is it for?

My offers are for Empowered Individuals who don't want to sacrifice time to get what they want. I work equally with professionals as private individuals

I have a passion about working with:

  • Bicurious humans and people exploring gender.
  • Women looking to deepen their understanding Male-Women dynamics and wanting to reshape their intimate relationships.

  • Couples wanting to expand their intimate life.

  • People in the process of reshaping their intimate relationships.
  • People going through or having gone through big physical changes and wanting to re-relate with their intimacy.
  • Curious Beginners
  • Assertive Veterans
  • Power Couples
  • Explorative Groups


Some frequently asked questions about my work.

Is this Sex Work?

Short answer: it can be, yes! 

Longer answer: I am offering a conscious and intentional blend of sensuallity, intimacy, energy work, eroticism & kink. I see myself more in the field of personal development where integrated pleasure and desire play a crucial role in being a wholesome human.

What genders do you work with?

I work with all genders. Specific boundaries can be discussed.

What is your cancellation policy?

For private sessions:
Up until two weeks before the booked date, you can change to another date for free or cancel and have your prepaid fees transferred back.
Up until 3 days before the booked date, you can change to another date for free.
Within 3 days before the booked date, no free booking to another date. You own the full amount for the session unless agreed upon differently by me.

Can my partner learn from you?

Yes, they can do so individually, together with you or in one of the many workshops.

Are you spiritual?

Spirituality is a basic human need that also has an integrated place in my life. I borrow insight from different religions and spiritual practices. I recognise that the way I am understanding these practices is heavily colored by my Western worldview. I currently describe my spiritual practice as European Spirituality Revitalized. I embrace it in a way that moves away from dogma's of religious institutions and contemporary spiritual ideologies. By that I mean I am inspired by teachings from different spiritual lineages while stripping them of heteronormativity, mononormativity, sex negativity & anthropocentricity.

hourly rates or result based?

Depending on the need of my client I work with an hourly rate or a rate for the results we are intending. Smaller time and energy investments are done by an hourly rate. Trainings and initiations over multiple months are usually done by package deals that are result based.


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