Terms & Conditions

Professional Boundaries

I offer different services. The framework and boundaries are different between the different types of work. Before starting a service we clearly define professional boundaries, expectations & framework for the service offered. Switching between the type of service is only possible when booking in a new moment. When switching from one service to another we need to re-establish professional boundaries, expectations & framework, while also discussing the already established dynamic.

Core elements are:

  • Privacy/confidentiality: What comes up for you during my services I keep confidential. That you take my services is confidential as well. This e.g. means that I will not show I know you should we run into each other somewhere else, unless you take the initiative to greet me.

    If we are aware that we will be at the same event, workshop or social, we will talk about our rules of engagement before going.
  • Consent: Your and my consent are key before, after & during my services. Part of my work includes assisting people to become more conscious of their boundaries. This means going at a pace that's safe(r) not to cross boundaries.
    The (hard) boundaries we discussed before a session can't be changed during a session. This ensures that the heat of the moment doesn't take us past our boundaries. It is possible to reassess your boundaries for the next session.

    Not respecting my consent & professional boundaries means the end of our session and possibly future work together. 

Before booking a in person session we can have a video - or phone call to see if we match and to get more clear if my offer is what you are looking for. A part of the in person offer is a video - or phone call a couple of days after the session to help further integrate the experience.

A real life session in Belgium can be at your location of choice. I also have a list of suitable options when desired. The costs of the location are for the client. A booking of at least the travel time is expected. Outside of Belgium, travel costs are to be discussed.

When having done a professional session with me, there is a waiting period of a year before the possibility of engaging romantically, sexually or kinky in a private setting and/or social setting, for example when meeting at a workshop, party, or event. I would before engaging ask advice and feedback in my supervision meetings.

Cancellation Policy

For private sessions:
Up until two weeks before the booked date, you can book to another date for free or cancel and have your prepaid fees transferred back.
Up until 3 days before the booked date, you can book to another date for free.
Within 3 days before the booked date, no free booking to another date. You own the full amount for the session unless agreed upon differently by me.